Live at UMBC - Oct 17 2002

by Mike Roy

(free) 11:27


I'm only putting up two songs from this night. They are special in that this was the only time they were ever performed AND that night at dinner just before the show, I scribbled out the chords for Jeff on a napkin, and Drew had never heard them before... just flying by the seat of our pants... we didn't even have a single rehearsal (as I had been living in TN since August) and you can feel that in the recording. The other songs we played didn't have the same transcendent quality. They were songs from the "Roy" album that we had recorded earlier that year.


released May 2, 2011

Mike Roy - guitar, singing
Drew Thiemann - drums
Jeff Conlin - Roland JX through a tube preamp, then a Dan-Echo pedal, then a Leslie

Jeff Conlin recorded this on his mini-disc recorder with a single stereo mic (if I'm not mistaken)



all rights reserved


Mike Roy Raleigh

Born outside of DC, raised in MD, college in Baltimore, made a record there, moved to TN, wrote a record there, moved back to MD recorded 2nd record, went on tour with J Roddy Walston & The Business, met future wife in NC, moved to RI for two weeks, went back to DC to meet up with future wife, moved to NC, married wife, had 3 kids, just finished 4th solo album called Mike & Eileen Chapter One. ... more

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Track Name: Ethics and Other Things
The make-up’s caked upon
The sliding dress a long frame
Is hanging

Breathe out loud
Cracks at your foot
The snake smiles assuring you
You’re fine

The moment’s tinted grey
And in the crowded streets you

The question in your nerves
That’s lit
Assures you’ve found no answer

But the questions are gone so quick
Into this haze that growing
Oh so thick

And you want it so unstable,
But you hate it when it shakes

So close to worn thin
Far passed worn in
Almost bending until you break

And I don’t have to prove it to you
That most of their smiles are fake

But you want it so unstable
But you hate it when it shakes

You want it so unstable
But you hate it when it shakes
Track Name: I Can't Believe You
This has gone on way too long
She said to him kneeling
Here’s my leaving song
This must break hard to start healing

But I can’t believe you
I never thought I could
If your own wounds don’t grieve you
How do you think mine ever could?

Given the power you should be leading
You swore you’d remain strong
Breathy words you keep repeating
Sweaty hands keep rubbing raw

But I can’t believe you
I see it in your eyes
If words this sweet deceive you
You must train yourself to see the lies

She kissed him once on his forehead
She whispered in his ear
The she moved towards the doorway
And commenced to disappear

I can’t believe you
Screams his heart still pounding fast
I swore I’d never leave you
And you swore that this would last

Wasted faceless piles of jargon
Need bigger pipes or we will clog
Adjust the ramrod in your back and keep marching
Into this dampening history fog

But I can’t believe you
You’re much too much involved
And nothing can relieve you
This knot’s been tied for way too long
Way too long…

Born to die, born to be nothing
Born for no reason at all
Raise the flag you fly of treason
Purse your lips and raise the call

But I can’t believe you

You understand the lightening
Cause you’ve seen from where it came
But you’ve never seen that it’s much more frightening
The cracking mast, you loose the main...

And oh this rain
And oh this rain
And oh this rain
And oh this rain